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Ways and means to lower lipids

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 9 September 2010
symptoms, illnesses and opportunistic infections

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDAThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agency responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness(Of a drug or treatment). The maximum ability of a drug or treatment to produce a result regardless of dosage. A drug passes efficacy trials if it is effective at the dose tested and against the illness for which it is prescribed. In the standard procedure, Phase II clinical trials gauge efficacy, and Phase III trials confirm it. of all drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices, including those used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of HIV infection, AIDS, and AIDS-related opportunistic infections. The FDA also works with the blood banking industry to safeguard the nation's blood supply. The Australian equivalent is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA[Therapeutic Goods Administration] The federal government body that approves drugs and treatments before they can be prescribed.).) recently issued a warning to people taking the highest approved dose of simvastatin, a common cholesterolAn essential component of cell membranes and nerve fibre insulation, cholesterol is important for the metabolism and transport of fatty acids and the production of hormones and Vitamin D. Cholesterol is manufactured by the liverA large organ, located in the upper right abdomen, which assists in digestion by metabolising carbohydrates, fats and proteins, stores vitamins and minerals, produces amino acids, bile and cholesterol, and removes toxins from the blood., and is also present in certain foods. High blood cholesterol levels have been linked to heart disease and may be a side effectAn unwanted effect caused by the administration of drugs. Onset may be sudden or develop over time. of some anti-HIV medications.-lowering medication, that they have an increased risk of muscle injury compared to people taking lower doses of the drug. read more »

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