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Healthy living

For people with HIV, maintaining good health through having a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. Healthy eating, exercise and the impacts of smoking and drug use are covered in this section of the website.

Key resources

iPlan resource - cover

iPlan is a resource designed to help people living with HIV to become active partners in their health care. It also aims to help people understand and monitor some of the more important health concerns people with HIV may need or choose to explore.

iPlan was developed by NAPWHA through an unrestricted educational grant from ViiV Healthcare.

High-dose vitamins not necessarily useful

Positive Living article • Archives of Internal Medicine • 5 December 2010

Despite reducing levels of a protein associated with heart disease, supplements containing the B vitamin folic acid don't reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, death or cancer, according to a new large-scale analysis of studies on the issue. read more »

The Sunshine Vitamin

Positive Living article • Neil McKellar-Stewart • 4 December 2010

Everyone’s talking about vitamin D. are we getting enough of it? How much is too much? Neil McKellar-Stewart finds out. read more »

Coffee linked to better hep C results

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 2 December 2010

People with chronic hepatitis c and advanced liverA large organ, located in the upper right abdomen, which assists in digestion by metabolising carbohydrates, fats and proteins, stores vitamins and minerals, produces amino acids, bile and cholesterolAn essential component of cell membranes and nerve fibre insulation, cholesterol is important for the metabolism and transport of fatty acids and the production of hormones and Vitamin D. Cholesterol is manufactured by the liver, and is also present in certain foods. High blood cholesterol levels have been linked to heart disease and may be a side effect of some anti-HIV medications., and removes toxins from the blood. disease who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have a 53% lower risk of liver disease progression than non-coffee drinkers, according to a new study. read more »

Making changes

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 26 November 2010

Adopting healthy habits and sticking to them is never easy, so David Menadue looks for inspiration. read more »

Tales from the Network

Positive Living article • Vic Perri • 2 September 2010

There is a network of workers located at AIDS Councils and PLHIVPerson (or people) Living with HIV. This term is now preferred over the older PLWHAPerson (or People) Living with HIV/AIDS.. organisations around Australasia who understand the variety of treatment issues faced by positive people. We call them the TREATAWARE OUTREACH NETWORK (TON). read more »

Ageing, long-term complications and nutrition

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 2 September 2010

Reporting back from the AIDS Conference in Vienna, DAVID MENADUE discovers that ‘HIV and ageing’ is a universal issue, that long-term complications may be more prevalent than we thought and that good nutrition really is a good idea. read more »

Food to live by

Positive Living article • Shane Duniam • 27 August 2010

Wollumbin, in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, is the first place in Australia to see the sun. It is also where thirty-five gay men with HIV retreated recently for a long weekend of good food, courtesy of Shane Duniam. read more »

Eating calmly

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 27 August 2010

With all this talk about inflammation, Adrian Ogier thought it was worth investigating the anti-inflammatory diet.

The theory of the anti-inflammatory diet is pretty simple. It goes that some foods have a ‘calming’ or anti-inflammatory affect on your body while others don’t. read more »

Putting out the fire

Positive Living article • Neil McKellar-Stewart • 27 August 2010

An Australian expert was heard to say recently that AIDS has been cured and HIV should now be thought of as a disease of inflammation. Neil McKellar-Stewart tends to agree.

More and more these days, health issues apart from HIV are taking centre stage in our lives. On top of the list are lifestyle changes that we are being encouraged to make to reduce our risk of contracting other illnesses. read more »

Exercise goes to the dogs

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 11 June 2010

Scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA) have identified that the decrease in physical activity that occurs when a person loses a dog is significantly greater than the increase that occurs when they get one. read more »

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