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Building dem bones

Positive Living article • Peter Watts • 2 March 2012

PETER WATTS reports on help for a problem that’s three times more likely to affect HIV positive people than the general population. read more »

Gentle exercise

Positive Living article • Vicky Fisher • 25 November 2011

Summer has arrived with the promise of long days of sunshine. Vicky Fisher finds these energising sun salutations (surya namaskar) are a good way to link the breath with movement while also loosening up, toning and stretching muscles, joints and internal organs. read more »

Gentle Exercise

Positive Living article • Vicky Fisher • 16 September 2011

Vicky Fisher suggests adding standing and balancing poses to your yoga practice for Spring.

Standing poses strengthen the ankles, legs, knees, hips and abdominal muscles. balancing poses help with concentration, build self-confidence and develop stamina. if you doubt your leg or ankle strength, you can try the next three poses using a wall for support. read more »

• 1 January 1970

Exercise goes to the dogs

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 11 June 2010

Scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA) have identified that the decrease in physical activity that occurs when a person loses a dog is significantly greater than the increase that occurs when they get one. read more »

Tobin: Making a sea change

Positive Living article • Bill O'Loughlin • 22 July 2008

Frocks and footy. Nature and yoga. Cabin fever and isolation. Tobin’s sea change has at times been a tricky mix. Tobin had been living in Sydney for years when he decided on his sea change. As Tobin puts it, ‘Things weren’t going well. Deep down I wanted to make changes.’ ‘HIV was one of the reasons for shifting, but there were other factors – a relationship breakdown, work not coming in, and the stresses of living in a city. read more »

Ron: Being pro-active

Positive Living article • Bill O'Loughlin • 22 July 2008

After more than 20 years experience of living with HIV, Ron has worked out how to keep his life balanced. He works at remaining self-aware, and he has developed strategies to help manage competing pressures from work, his relationship and HIV, and to stay in control of his physical and mental health. read more »

Jorge: Determined to stop smoking

Positive Living article • Bill O'Loughlin • 22 July 2008

Having overcome discrimination and isolation after being diagnosed with HIV in his native Columbia, moving to Australia with little English and less money, it isn’t surprising that Jorge had the determination to stop smoking by going ‘cold-turkey’. read more »

More info: Healthy Life +

Positive Living article • 22 July 2008
living with HIV

ACON’s Healthy Life + is an intensive fitness and nutrition program for people living with HIV/AIDS. The program provides a free gym membership for the length of the program, a personal trainer to motivate and support participants in their exercise and nutrition program and seminars related to health, HIV treatment and nutrition. read more »

The bottom line: Exercise

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 22 July 2008
living with HIV

Moderate exercise is beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether they are HIV-positive or negative. Moderate exercise is known to stimulate the immune system and can boost your mood, while keeping fit reduces the risk of a range of illnesses. read more »

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