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Telling your partner

From Next steps • 1 December 2008

If you are in a relationship with someone who is HIV negative (known as a serodiscordant relationship), or if you have multiple casual partners whose HIV status you may or may not know, you may want to tell him or her.

You may be frightened of their reaction or you might be comfortable telling them the news. There is no easy way to tell your partner, or partners, and no set rules – regardless of your partner’s HIV status.

It can help to have a counsellor who is experienced in working with HIV issues available to help you when and if you decide to tell your partner. You partner, husband or wife might also want to consider testing for HIV, especially if you have been having sex without condoms or sharing injecting equipment.

Despite the fears that you might have, many people have found that they received support when they shared the news. It might even strengthen your relationship.

Next steps

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