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If you are thinking about visiting Australia

Can I come to Australia if I am HIV-positive?

There are generally no entry restrictions for people with HIV entering the country on a short-term temporary visa. HIV tests are required for people who are travelling to Australia to work or study in the healthcare industry, and for applicants for permanent residence. Visa restrictions also apply for people with HIV under certain long-stay non-resident visa classes.

When you come to Australia, you may also bring enough antiretroviral drugs with you to cover your stay. In most cases, this is a better option than trying to access the drugs in Australia.

Should I take out health insurance?

Health insurance is always a good idea but depending on the company and the policy, it may not cover all your HIV-associated healthcare costs.

If you have health insurance in your home country, check to see whether it will cover you for costs incurred in Australia – remember that even if you bring all your antiretroviralsA medication or other substance which is active against retroviruses such as HIV. with you, you might develop some illness in Australia or even need hospitalisation, which can be expensive. Consider taking out travel insurance which not only covers any medical expenses, but other travel mishaps such as lost or stolen property or cancellations.

‘Overseas visitors cover’ is a basic health insurance cover available through various insurance companies in Australia. Depending on the policy, it will cover most hospital costs, doctor’s fees and pathology tests. It usually does not cover the cost of antiretroviral drugs. More information about health insurance available in Australia for overseas visitors and students.

Some insurers are more comprehensive than others. Some even have specific policies for people with HIV.

This company provides specialist HIV travel insurance for positive people from the United Kingdom and many other European countries.

How to access HIV antiretroviral treatment and care in Australia

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