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Chronic Disease Dental Scheme set to continue

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 2 March 2012

The scheme, which provides up to $4,250 in Medicare benefits for dental services for people with a chronic illness (including HIV), was threatened with closure when the federal government tried to replace it with a new dental health program. When the bill was presented in 2008 the Senate did not pass it, with opposition senators believing the proposed replacement scheme was not as generous to people with a chronic illness.

However, people with HIV who have not enrolledThe act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process. in the scheme and believe they could benefit from it, should immediately consult their GP about obtaining a referral to a dentist. In the near future it is likely the government will reintroduce a bill to close the scheme and this time it may be successful. It is expected the government could honour commitments to those currently enrolled for the next two years.

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From Positive Living

This article was first published in the March 2012 issue of Positive Living — more than two years ago.

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