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Positive Living Autumn 2012

Cover Story

Can we stop HIV now?

Positive Living article — Friday, 2 March 2012

David Menadue reports on how new technologies and scientific information could dramatically reduce HIV infections now. read more »

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Natural conception possible for sero-disco couples?

Positive Living article • Neil McKellar-Stewart • 2 March 2012

For many heterosexual couples, where one is infected with HIV (serodiscordant or ‘sero-disco’), having children has been full of challenges. However, results from recent major trials in sero-disco couples are offering new hope. In cases where the male partner is sero-positive, standard practice in many developed countries has been to use the assisted reproduction technique of intrauterine insemination with processed sperm (‘sperm washing’). read more »

Chronic Disease Dental Scheme set to continue

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 2 March 2012

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has announced that the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme will continue to operate and receive referrals until at least 31 March 2012. read more »

A tribute to Sharon Cheney: pioneer, good friend and long-term survivor

Positive Living article • Katherine Leane • 2 March 2012

Sharon Cheney, a long-time member of the NAPWHA National Network of Women Living with HIV, passed peacefully at her home in Adelaide on February 1, just three days after her 50th birthday. read more »

Vale Rodney Junga-Williams: passionate HIV advocate

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 8 March 2012

Rodney Junga-Williams, a passionate advocate for indigenous Australians living with HIV, died in Sydney on November 24, 2011. read more »

HIV Stigma survey results released

Positive Living article • Sean Slavin • 2 March 2012

Last year NAPWHA conducted an extensive survey of PLHIV’s attitudes towards living with the stigma of HIV. Sean Slavin reports on the results of this important survey. read more »

Once-daily nevirapine from April

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 8 March 2012

A new extended-release (XR), once-a-day version of the antiretroviralA medication or other substance which is active against retroviruses such as HIV. drug nevirapine (Viramune) will be available on the PBS[Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme] The federal government program which subsidises medication costs in Australia. Anti-HIV drugs are part of a special part of the PBS called Section 100 (S100) which is used for expensive, highly specialised drugs. from April 1. read more »

Elton writes on AIDS memories

Positive Living article • AAP • 8 March 2012

Elton John has signed a book deal to write ‘a very personal story’ of how AIDS has affected his life. read more »

US approves alternative to Atripla

Positive Living article • AIDS Info • 8 March 2012

Many people with HIV beginning treatments in Australia start on Atripla (a combination of efavirenz, tenofovir and emtrictabine).

While this combination is successful in reducing viral loads and improving CD 4 counts in most patients, some people have difficulty tolerating the side-effects of efavirenz. read more »

Better access to HIV meds in NSW

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 8 March 2012

A new scheme, the Enhanced Medication Access Scheme (EMA), will provide improved access to HIV medications for PLHIVPerson (or people) Living with HIV. This term is now preferred over the older PLWHA. in NSW. The scheme, announced by the Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner, on World AIDS Day last year, will allow eligible participants to get medications from a number of selected community pharmacies or mailed to a preferred address. read more »

HIV Futures 7 deadline extended

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 8 March 2012

The deadline for completing the HIV Futures 7 survey has been extended to April 1, 2012.

This anonymous survey is a very important way that service providers and researchers can learn about changing trends in the lives of HIV positive Australians.

Go to and fill in the anonymous survey. read more »

New smart phone apps for HIV+

Positive Living article • Vic Perri • 8 March 2012

Those readers with smart phones will be interested in these new examples of application software or ‘apps’ that can help them to manage their HIV better. read more »


Complex Care Clinic for over-50s opens

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 9 March 2012

With many PLHIVPerson (or people) Living with HIV. This term is now preferred over the older PLWHA. living much longer lives, there is increasing evidence that they are likely to experience ageing differently to the rest of the population, including the earlier onset of various co-morbidities. read more »

Changes to DSP Assessments

Positive Living article • Graham Douglas-Meyer • 2 March 2012

Graham Douglas-Meyer reports on the implications of the new impairment tables for assessing eligibility for the DSP. read more »

Life in the fast lane

Positive Living article • James May • 8 March 2012

James May gives an honest, personal account of dealing with difficulties with drugs and alcohol read more »

Building dem bones

Positive Living article • Peter Watts • 2 March 2012

PETER WATTS reports on help for a problem that’s three times more likely to affect HIV positive people than the general population. read more »


What's Your Problem?

What's your problem?

Positive Living article • Dr Louise Owen • 2 March 2012

Dr Louise answers readres questions. In this issue she answers a question about health checks for the over 50s. read more »

Tales from the Network

Tales from the Network

Positive Living article • Jenny Mcdonald • 8 March 2012

Jenny McDonald has been providing people with HIV with advice about diet and treatments since the 1980s.

She is now doing regular clinics with positive people at the AIDS Action Council of the ACT in Canberra andth e Northern Territory AIDS Hepatitis and Related Diseases Council in Darwin, as well as at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. read more »

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