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Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 3 September 2010

HIV s100 doctors are now able to prescribe up to two months supply plus five repeats of HIV drugs, under changes introduced by Medicare on 1 July.

While previously limited to prescribing one month’s supply with two repeats, now doctors have more flexibility in determining what they think is right for the patient.

So, someone stable on therapy may be able to fill two months supply at a time from a hospital pharmacy.

NAPWHA will monitor how the arrangements work across different pharmacies for any unexpected problems.

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From Positive Living

This article was first published in the September 2010 issue of Positive Living — more than three years ago.

While the content of this was checked for accuracy at the time of publication, NAPWHA recommends checking to determine whether the information is the most up-to-date available, especially when making decisions which may affect your health.