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Positive Living December 2003

Cover Story

Medicare makeover

Positive Living article — Monday, 15 December 2003

The federal government has failed to secure Senate support for its revamped Medicare reform package, ‘MedicarePlus’. Instead, the proposal will be referred to a Senate committee, which will examine it and report back to the Senate early next year. read more »

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AIDS 'not a moral issue': Abbott

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

AIDS Awareness Week “should not be an occasion for moralising” about personal choices, according to the new federal health minister, Tony Abbott. read more »

WHO announces ‘three by five’ plan

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

Three million people died from AIDS-related diseases in 2003, the highest number in any year since the start of the epidemic. Despite treatment advances that in western countries have dramatically reduced the death toll, in the developing world the disease’s impact is equivalent to a fully loaded Boeing 747 jet crashing every 90 minutes. read more »

NAPWHA conference a work of art

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

People living with HIV/AIDS are in “distinguished company” in their struggle for social justice and affordable medical care, attendees of the 2003 NAPWHA Conference, held in Cairns in October, were told. read more »


Pre-exposure prophylaxis study for Cambodia

Positive Living article • Kirsty Machon • 15 December 2003

Australian researchers have teamed up with the US and Cambodia to conduct a study of the potential of the HIV antiviralA medication or substance which is active against one or more viruses. May include anti-HIV drugs, but these are more accurately termed antiretrovirals. tenofovir, taken daily, to prevent HIV infection in women at high risk. read more »

Straight talking

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 15 December 2003

Two people who have played a major role in raising awareness of the positive heterosexual perspective have been David Barton, who helped set up PozHets in NSW and Michael Rogerson who helped set up Straight Arrows in Victoria. read more »

What is social justice?

Positive Living article • Mark Catell, John Godwin & Tim Leach • 15 December 2003

Has social justice lost favour within HIV/AIDS advocacy, or are AIDS organisations just repackaging the same old social justice demands using different rhetoric? MARK CATTELL, JOHN GODWIN and TIM LEACH report on the social justice satellite session at the NAPWHA conference. read more »

Global crisis: local action

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

The annual conference of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHMAustralasian Society for HIV Medicine. The peak Australasian organisation representing the medical and health sector in HIV/AIDS and related areas. ) is Australia’s only regular HIV medical conference. PAUL KIDD reports on the latest medical developments discussed at this year’s conference in Cairns. read more »

Lives under the microscope

Positive Living article • John Rule • 15 December 2003

Our lives as positive people are constantly under scrutiny by researchers. The resulting research reports may talk about our quality of life, but do they add to it? JOHN RULE reports on the business of ‘meaning making’. read more »

The power of one

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

We all want simpler treatment regimens with fewer side effects and no meal restrictions, right? Well how does once-a-day treatment sound? As PAUL KIDD reports, it may be closer than you think. read more »


News Briefs

News and treatments briefs

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

HIV-related news in brief from the Dec 2003-Jan 2004 edition of Positive Livingread more »



Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 December 2003

Having regular blood tests is a fact of life for most people with HIV. That three-monthly or six-monthly bloodletting is the single most important part of monitoring the health of your immune system, but what do all those numbers mean? read more »

Complementary Therapies

Vitamin power

Positive Living article • Jim Arachne • 15 December 2003

Vitamin and mineral supplements are easily the most popular complementary therapyA broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies that Western (conventional) medicine does not commonly use to promote well-being or treat health conditions. Examples include acupuncture, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. (CT) used by people with HIV in Australia. In 2001, the Futures 3 survey of HIV-positive Australians found that 73% of people using CT were taking these supplements. read more »

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