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Positive Living April 2003

Cover Story

Daddy Cool

Positive Living article — Tuesday, 1 April 2003

What are the options for HIV positive men who want to father babies? Kirsty Machon reports. read more »

Tags: heterosexuals, pregnancy and childbirth


AIDS mural unveiled in Sydney

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

A new mural marking HIV/AIDS has been unveiled in Sydney. read more »

Medicare overhaul to hit bulk billing

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

The federal government’s proposed changes to Medicare bulk-billing arrangements are causing concern amongst people living with HIV/AIDSread more »

T-20 approved in US and Europe, but at a cost

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

Roche’s HIV fusion inhibitor T-20 (enfuvirtide, Fuzeon) received scientific approval in the US and Europe late last month, paving the way for the manufacturer to commence marketing the drug. read more »

Call for review of controversial AIDS vaccine trial

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

A coalition of AIDS activist groups in the United States is calling for an independent review of the results of the AIDSVAX vaccine trial, amid claims that VaxGen Inc, the company running the trial, may have overstated the vaccine’s effectiveness(Of a drug or treatment). The maximum ability of a drug or treatment to produce a result regardless of dosage. A drug passes efficacy trials if it is effective at the dose tested and against the illness for which it is prescribed. In the standard procedure, Phase II clinical trials gauge efficacy, and Phase III trials confirm it. in some racial groups. read more »


Positive women, healthy choices

Positive Living article • Sera Pinwill • 1 April 2003

ACON has recently launched a campaign to affirm positive women’s sexuality and help them make healthy sexual choices. SERA PINWILL explains the background to the project. read more »

HIV/AIDS and Us Mob

Positive Living article • Michael Costello • 1 April 2003

HIV/AIDS and Us Mob, a new information resource for indigenous people, was launched late last month in Alice Springs by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAOAustralian Federation of AIDS Organisations. AFAO is the peak non-government organisation representing Australia's community-based response to HIV/AIDS. AFAO's work includes education, policy, advocacy and international projects. ), reports MICHAEL COSTELLOread more »

Phillip Medcalf: 2 May 1960 – 22 February 2003

Positive Living article • Jo Watson • 1 April 2003

The death of NAPWHA President and long-time HIV activist Phillip Medcalf on 22 February was received with a great sense of loss and reflection throughout the Australian HIV/AIDS community, as well as by many others who had been personally touched by his life. read more »

Not the Sex Police!

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 1 April 2003

They’ve been called ‘the sex police’ but meeting these three compassionate and understanding nurses, it’s hard to understand why. read more »

Retro roundup

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

The 10th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections took place in Boston in February. This annual conference is a very highly regarded event with a strong scientific focus, so it often produces a number of important advances in our understanding of HIV and its treatment, and this year was no exception. read more »

Chatrooms and backrooms

Positive Living article • Geoff Honnor • 1 April 2003

The Internet is the new frontier of HIV transmission, according to some researchers. Sure, computers can be infected with computer virusesA small infective organism which is incapable of reproducing outside a host cell., but how do you get HIV over the ’net? Opinion piece by GEOFF HONNORread more »


What's Your Problem?

What's your problem?

Positive Living article • Dr Nick Medland • 1 April 2003

PL‘s resident medical expert, Dr Nick Medland, answers readers’ letters about Viagra, anal warts and peripheral neuropathy. read more »



Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 April 2003

The possibility of multiple infections with different strains of HIV has worried positive people and researchers for many years, but convincing proof of superinfection has been notoriously hard to come by. read more »

Complementary Therapies

Healing hands

Positive Living article • Jim Arachne • 1 April 2003

Everyone knows that a skilful massage can make you feel good — more relaxed, less stressed and with fewer aches and pains. But is that all there is to it? Is it just a ‘feel good’ kind of therapy? read more »

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