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NAPWHA's 20th Anniversary reception

Story • Brent Beadle • 1 May 2009

On the evening of Friday April 3, the Board of NAPWHA and over 100 invited guests celebrated NAPWHA’s 20th Anniversary at a reception at the Sebel Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

HIV positive people first came together nationally in 1989 to support the formation of the National People Living With AIDS Coalition (NPLWAC) which in 1993 became incorporated as NAPWHA, the National Association of People Living With HIV/AIDS.

Reception guests included politicians and public figures as well as people working in the sector and living with HIV. They were welcomed to country by PATSINPositive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network. A NAPWHA-auspiced national membership-based network of Indigenous people living with HIV/AIDS. (Positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network) member Dennis Martin.

Speeches were given by the President, Robert Mitchell and Senator Louise Pratt, who represented the Federal Minister for Health, Hon Nicola Roxon and spoke of the national HIV response. Founding members David Menadue and Kenn Basham remembered the people involved in NAPWHA’s early days.

Telegrams of congratulation from the many well wishers were read by recently retired High Court Judge Hon Michael Kirby.

A screening of interviews and reminiscences reflected the history and importance of NAPWHA in the lives of people living with HIV.

After an evening of celebration NAPWHA looks forward to the next 20 years of serving the interests of people living with HIV!

Read congratulatory telegrams (PDF 36.6kb)

View Reception photos as a slide show (PowerPoint, 3.15mb - large file)

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Speeches given at the Reception will be online soon.

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