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Living with HIV

Living well with HIV means more than taking care of your health. Managing relationships, preventing transmission of HIV to others, childbirth and pregnancy, and travelling with HIV are just some areas where being HIV positive presents special challenges.

HIV Living deals with the lived experience of the diversity of positive people to inform stakeholders and policymakers - ensuring that responses are effective, equitable and appropriate.

In this area of our web site you'll find articles and resources focusing on living well with HIV, and telling the real personal stories of people with HIV.

Key resources

Ahead of Time cover image

The impact of HIV on our bodies and on the immune system as we get older is greatly affected by ageing.HIV affects each of us differently. Some people progress to symptoms very quickly, while others live for 20-plus years without any signs of immune suppression or symptoms.

HIV Positive Gay Sex - cover

This booklet is about being gay, having HIV and sex. It has been written from a positive man's perspective.

Your Body Blueprint

This site has been designed to provide accessible, clear information to assist you to make informed decisions on how you can lead healthier lives. It explains the various important body systems that can be affected by HIV infection and anti-HIV treatments, and the health benefits that can be achieved by taking action now.

iPlan resource - cover

iPlan is a resource designed to help people living with HIV to become active partners in their health care. It also aims to help people understand and monitor some of the more important health concerns people with HIV may need or choose to explore.

iPlan was developed by NAPWHA through an unrestricted educational grant from ViiV Healthcare.

Making babies

From • 28 October 2003

Positive women talk about their experiences with pregnancy and childbirth. read more »

What the law says

From How we tell: disclosure • 28 October 2003

If you have HIV you should not pass the infection on. A person who transmits HIV to another person, or exposes another person to the risk of infection, may have broken the law. The penalty may be a fine, community service or imprisonment. You may also be sued by the person infected (or their family) for compensation. read more »

Where we get support

From • 28 October 2003

HIV raises all sorts of issues that we may find hard to deal with and there is nothing to be gained from trying to cope with our feelings in isolation. Needing emotional support doesn’t mean we’ve failed. In this section we talk about where and how we get support. read more »

Your support options

From Where we get support • 28 October 2003

There are many ways to get emotional support. don’t be afraid to shop around for what suits you. Your local PLWHAPerson (or People) Living with HIV/AIDS. or AIDS Council is a good source of information and contacts for different kinds of support. See links pages. See also the section on Mental Wellbeing in the Looking after Our Health section. read more »

Work or pension?

From Working it out: work, play and money • 28 October 2003

Many people come to a point where they have to make a decision as to whether or not to work extra hours and therefore lose the pension and associated benefits. As the stories in this section show, positive people make all kinds of choices around work and the pension. It’s important to figure out what is right for you. read more »

Positive dads

From Making babies • 28 October 2003

There are a number of options for positive men who wish to father children. It is important to get the support of a good HIV-experienced doctor who can talk you through the options. read more »

Prominent human rights advocate to speak at HIV conference in Cairns

Media release • 17 October 2003

Justice Marcus Einfeld, an eminent former judge of the Federal Court, will be the keynote speaker at the Ninth National Conference of People Living with HIV/AIDS, in Cairns later this month. read more »

News and treatments briefs

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 October 2003
symptoms, illnesses and opportunistic infections

HIV-related news in brief from the Oct-Nov 2003 edition of Positive Livingread more »


Positive Living article • David Menadue • 1 October 2003

On a publicity tour for his new book, DAVID MENADUE finds that media interest in AIDS persists, although the quality of the questions can sometimes leave a little to be desired. read more »

Life insurance ban unjustified: study

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 1 October 2003
living with HIV

People with HIV should not be excluded from taking out life insurance policies, a Swiss study has concluded. read more »

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