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HIV Living

HIV Living is concerned with the lived experience of people with HIV - issues such as employment, access to welfare, care and support services and our community's involvement in social research.

There are many challenges and changes affecting people living with HIV/AIDS. NAPWA provides high levels of advice and advocacy on major issues from care and support services, palliative care and welfare and disability legislation to retraining and employment.

HIV and Ageing: Research findings, personal perspectives, clinical complications and future planning

Report • Adrian Ogier • 3 April 2014

Edited by Sean Slavin and Adrian Ogier, this October 2010 document draws together key information on HIV and Ageing, including key data presented at a Think Tank on the subject HIV and Ageing, held by NAPWHA in Sydney in June 2010.

Attached is PDF of the report. read more »

AFDO Submission to the National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy

Submission • Peter Canavan • 14 October 2008

AFDO submission to the National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy. read more »

NAPWHA submission to Pension Review

Submission • Robert Mitchell • 29 September 2008

The attached submission was made by NAPWHA to the federal government's review of the pension system. read more »

Welfare to Work: where to from here?

Positive Living article • 26 June 2008
living with HIV

Graham Douglas-Meyer surveys the current status of PLWHAPerson (or People) Living with HIV/AIDS. and how the new government will affect changes that have already been made, as well as some thought for the future. read more »

NAPWHA Positive Women endorse new Terms of reference (TOR)

Story • Scott Lockhart • 30 January 2008

NAPWHA positve women have recently endorsed new Terms of reference for the advisory group. read more »

Forced to the Margins ... Again

Discussion paper • Peter Canavan • 30 November 2007

This paper was prepared after a special session at the NAPWHA General Meeting April 2007 where NAPWHA members discussed their response to concerns over sensationalist media attention surrounding recent HIV transmission cases. read more »

NAPWHA Care and Support Audit

Discussion paper • Peter Canavan • 30 November 2007

The Care and Support Snapshot Survey (CSSS) prepared by NAPWHA asks and then listens to the perceptions of a range of positive people. It includes a number of questions about service needs, constituency and representation, geography and the policy and advocacy work of NAPWHA through the lens of positive people. read more »

Q and A on welfare changes

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 21 December 2006

There are now three different categories of people on the Disability Support Pension depending on when they were placed on it. This article examines the effect of the changes on each of these groups. read more »

AFDO overview of labour market employment services and support programs

Discussion paper • Rob Lake • 3 May 2006

This AFDO-produced paper provides background information on the many Australian Government funded employment and support services in the lead up to the introduction of the ‘welfare to work package’. The paper explores the major labour market programs or Employment Services programs, how they interact and how people with disability may be affected by the coming changes in policy. read more »

DSP Review fact sheet: Centrelink responds

Story • admin • 3 February 2006
living with HIV

A response from Centrelink to issues raised in the fact sheet “Surviving the Centrelink DSP Review”. read more »

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