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National Network of Women Living with HIV work plan 2011-12

Story • Scott Lockhart • 26 May 2011
Positive women

The National Network of Women Living with HIV work plan for 2011 to 2012 is now out and available for information.

The Network is currently working in the following key areas:

  • Sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing: including advocating for equity, greater awareness and access to female condoms (femidom). The membership has developed comprehensive antenatal guidelines and takes a keen interest in all matters pertaining to the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of HIV-positive women.
  • Capacity building: Our members possess a range of skills and are developing methods that enable their productive use, both to advance the aims of the network and to assist and support each other.
  • Stigma and discrimination: The network recognizes that stigma and discrimination remain as strong impediments to daily life for some people with HIV and that women have unique experiences of this. The network aims to raise awareness of these issues and advocates for equality, human rights and dignity for all. Members of the network are also engaged with the NAPWHA research unit which is currently undertaking HIV and stigma research in the Australian community.
  • Disclosure protocols: The network is developing a set of protocols aimed at guiding HIV-positive women regarding aspects of disclosure and confidentiality when dealing with the media, the public, organisations and service providers.
  • Peer support: Peer support has long been recognised as the most effective support for women living with HIV. The network membership is committed to strengthening and developing opportunities and approaches that promote peer based initiatives – meeting via teleconference regularly, ongoing email support, and an annual face-to-face.

These ae summarised in the work plan, a PDF of the which is attached below for downloading.

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